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Using Hola! to access blocked websites

(Updated on September 20, 2015)
Hola! again came to my rescue tonight.
I had wanted to watch the two tries by Mike Brown in England's victory over Fiji on the opening night of the Rugby World Cup opener in England when I came across the following message: "This content is not available in your country" (I'm surfing from France)


So I got around this by clicking on my Hola! icon and under "Select a country" I clicked on United Kingdom. You can see the United Kingdom flag in the place of the Hola! icon below.

And it worked! Now the video clip opened and I could watch Mike Brown's two magnificent tries.


So thank you again, Hola!
A little warning though. It seems that Hola! has some security issues lately. Read about it in this article from the Zero Day/ZDNet website. So be aware of this if you should decide to install it. Personally I don't mind taking such risks in order to be able to watch what I am keen on but you might not want to do the same.

(Earlier article)
I was on the website of MTV.com hoping to watch videos of the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards held on August 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California when the following warning appeared on my PC screen (I was surfing from France): MTV.com is designed for use within the USA so a lot of the site, including most of the videos, won't work for visitors from outside the country.


and when I clicked on "Continue to visit MTV US anyway" I got the following confirmation

Luckily I had installed Hola! a couple of years back and its icon is still there on my menu bar as you can see from the screenshot below.

So all I have to do now is to click on it, and under "Select a country" click on the U.S. flag.
It will initialize and after a moment, show you that you are now visiting the site you are on (in this case the MTV site) from the USA, as you now see the U.S. flag in the place of the Hola! icon.

If everything works out as it should, the video that was previously not available should now open since you are at present viewing it from the USA. By using Hola! we have circumvented the problem!


After that you might want to revert to your native country. By the way you can choose from any other of the 100+ countries in the world from the list provided.

Downloading Hola!

Go here for full details.

To start, just click on "Start using Hola, it's free". You will have to enter a US Zip code or you won't be able to progress further. Just enter any valid US Zip code (eg. 22107 or 12107) to circumvent this requirement.

When installation is completed you will find the icon on your windows tray. Each time you need to use it when you are blocked from accessing a site in your country, just click on it and choose the U.S. or some other country where there is no such restriction.

In certain cases, being in the host country itself is not enough, you have to be in a particular region, as you can see from the screenshot below. You need to give a postcode of the region you are in. I got round this by typing in a valid postcode for London, such as EC1V 2NX.