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Using Print Edit to remove unwanted stuff

You are faced with having to print lots of unwanted stuff (photos, videos, advertisements, sidebars, banners etc.) when you want to print something from internet eg. a recipe, an article, your hotel booking or your boarding pass. Advertisements not only do not serve any purpose but take up much of your printer ink as well. The solution is to use Print Edit, which is not only very effective but also free to use.
In fact I haven't been using it for nearly a year now and recently, when I needed to use it, it (or rather its icon) was still lying there in my top menu bar! (I'm using it as an Add-On to Firefox).
The main thing to remember is that Print Edit works on the basis of red boxes or rectangles. A rectangle can be just one line or one paragraph or one photo or one advertisement or one table or even half a page. It's up to you to move your mouse around till you find a rectangle enclosed in dotted red lines that fit the part you want to remove. Once you find the required rectangle to remove, click on it to choose it before you click on the Delete button in the top menu. If you can't find a big enough rectangle then I'm afraid you will have to work on many smaller rectangles.
Ok, let's work with an actual example from the homepage of my website. Let's say you want to print just the "Introduction" part of my website lower down on the page. In order to do this you will have to remove the banner, the navigational menu on the left column, the video clip and the advert. I am assuming that Print Edit is already installed in your computer (if not click here).
So you have this webpage before you at the beginning:

This is how you go about stripping the page of what you don't want to see printed.
1. Click on the Print Edit icon in the toolbar (it would be lying there if you had installed it as an Add-On to Firefox).
2. Put your mouse on the banner. It will be highlighted. Click on it to see the dotted red rectangle round it.

The part in red will be removed if you next click on Delete on the top menu bar.

3. So this is what's left (in case it's not what you expected go back and click on Undo):

4. I now put the mouse on the left column where the newsfeeds and the navigational menu are because I don't want to print those items. When I see that it covers what I want to remove I click on it in order to highlight it as in screenshot below:

5. So this is what's left:

6. I now highlight the embedded video clip and advert blocks as I want to remove these too. This is how it will look like.

7. Once I click on "Delete" this is what I got.

And that's it! You have exactly what you want to print - not a line more! Before printing you should click on "Preview" in the top menu bar to see if the final result is what you want. If so just click on "Print". (You might have to change from "Portrait" to "Landscape" or vice-versa for everything to go in the printed page.)
Actually if there are more chunks to be removed than the part that you want printed, you could do it in reverse fashion. You highlight the parts that you want printed, then click the "Delete Except" button on the toolbar, then select "Restricted" and everything except the selected elements will be deleted. This is useful, for example, when you want to print just a single joke in a collection of jokes.

P/S: If you are not using Firefox you might want to try similar programs such as:
(1) Printwhatyoulike or (2) the Printliminator bookmarklet.