How to open 4 sites with just one click 

Do you wish to create a web page that opens four of your favourite sites when you click on it? Like this file, for example. It's from the script in the yellow table below. It will open four sites for you with just one click.
Click here to see what I mean.
How do you create this file? Nothing can be simpler really. You can even open it from your hard disk (if you are connected to Internet).
In my example I've taken four well-known sites namely Google, Youtube, Ebay and CNN.
But you can just replace them with your own favourite sites (eg. your favourite local newspaper,
your local weather forecast, your favourite blog or your friend's website).
In order to be able to do this just follow the steps below:
1. Copy the URLs of four of your favourite sites. These always start with http://
2. Left-click on your mouse and take it across everything that you see in the yellow table below. Now right-click on your mouse and copy it.
3. Open Notepad (you can find Notepad by going to Start Menu then Programs then Accessories) and paste what you have copied there.
4. Replace the four lines (in red below) that start with http:// with your own (from para 1 above). For a start you can change just one line (i.e. the URL of just one site) to see if it works.
5. The last thing to do is to give your file any name you like but you have to end the filename not with .doc as for a Word file but with .html eg. my file is named demonstration.html

And that's about it. If you click on the file now (provided your internet connection is on) you should be able to see your
four sites appearing in the page.
Finally if it doesn't work send me your file and I'll tell you what went wrong. Good luck - PJG

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