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  The World's My Home  

You know that you can find all the information you need about anything at all in internet - provided you know how to go about finding it. Of course there is Google. But in today's age where everyone has someone out there somewhere in some part of the world there are certain types of information that you need to have at your fingertips (or rather, within the reach of your mouse) at any time of the day or night and here is where I hope this page will serve its purpose.

What time is it over there where that someone special is at this very moment? Whether it is to send an important email or to make a phone call it is important to have this information so that you wouldn't be waiting for an answer to your email when it's already past midnight over there or the phone wouldn't be ringing there at three in the morning (when it's three in the afternoon at your place)! What more with the change to summer/winter time every six months we do not know where we stand anymore. So this page could come in handy at any time of the day or night as you can be sure it's the correct time to the nearest second! Also, because the seconds needle here is running all the time it provides one with a foolproof method of knowing if one is really connected to internet when there is a network or server problem (you know how sometimes the cache can fool you into thinking that you are connected to internet when you are not!)

Changing from one currency to another is part of our daily life today so whether it is for our personal use when travelling or budgeting for a holiday in some distant land or simply to send money to a relative, we need a money converter. So once you know the amount of your currency and the name of the other currency, just go here to make the conversion and have an idea of what it represents in terms of your own currency.

As important as knowing what time it is in a certain country before telephoning is to know if it is a public holiday on a particular day. After all each country has a different date for its independence day holiday or other festival days and you'll be in for an unpleasant surprise if you should arrive there on a day when everything is closed. Go here to find out the public holidays of the particular country you are interested in.

One important address and telephone number you need to have with you when you travel out of your country is that of your country's embassy in the country that you are visiting. God forbid, but who knows, if you are unlucky enough you might be the victim of a robbery or you could lose your passport somewhere. In that case the only place you can go to for help is your country's embassy. This site has full details (address, telephone number and website if it has one) of every country's embassy abroad. First choose your country's name according to the continent that it belongs to, then choose the country you are travelling to and it will come up with the information you need. It also works the other way round i.e. it also gives you such information of a foreign country's embassy in your own country.

Believe it or not, you can easily use the Yellow/White Pages of telephone directories in all countries of the world from here. That's how powerful internet is today. So even if you should lose important telephone numbers while travelling, don't despair. If your friends are listed in the White/Yellow Pages at home the chances are you should be able to find them here. And who needs to keep all those bulky volumes of Yellow and White Pages that your telephone company offers you for free every year?

But finding the local telephone number is one thing and being able to make use of it to telephone your friend or a business company in another part of the world is something else. Once you have got the local number you need to know the country code of the country you are calling and the necessary changes you have to make to the local number as more often than not one digit has got to be suppressed when phoning from another country or a city code added when phoning from another city in the same country. This is where this site is simply indispensable in that you just select where you are calling from and which city you are going to call, type in the local telephone number and it will come up with the real number that you have to dial. This is from the same timeanddate.com website that provides us with the current time mentioned earlier.

Another very useful aid to the world traveller preparing his trip abroad is to be able to look at an underground map of the city that he is visiting. This will enable him to see how he can go from one metro station to another. In the Urban Rail website you will be able to find the underground maps of all the cities in the six continents of the world where there is an underground transportation system.

If you are planning to stay for some time in a foreign country you will certainly be taking a local train for side trips out of the main city, or even to a neighbouring country. There is a site called The Man in Seat Sixty-One . . . that has all the details of train times and train fares in every country in the world. Unbelievable, but you will be able to plan your train trips anywhere in the world from here.

Until the U.S. government and other nations using the imperial system switch over to the metric unit system, there will always be headaches over the equivalence of weights, lengths, temperature, volume, etc. especially as more and more people are leaving home to either work or travel in another continent which uses a different system from the one they are used to.
So quite often we need to convert from one system to the other. This website converts just about anything to anything else. It is from the Online Conversion website. So whether you are converting inches to cms or miles to kms; lb to kg or vice versa; Fahrenheit to Celcius or vice versa or just finding out the shoe/clothing sizes for different countries, all you have to do is to go to that great website!

What kind of weather are they having over there at this moment? A good place to look this up is Weather Around The World. In this one page alone it has a list of 320 cities and by the side of each city is a small icon showing if it is sunny, cloudy, raining or snowing, together with the accompanying temperature. A click on the city will open a new page with fuller details, including the weather forecast for the next two weeks.

It is simply unbelievable that Google Maps is capable of showing you a street address of any town or city anywhere in the world. We take such things so much for granted that we never marvel at them anymore today.
Before I book a hotel in a strange land I always locate it in Google Maps to find out where it is in relation to the railway station or if it is located in the centre of the town. It's really incredible. I could even locate a practically unheard-of lane in the place where I was born on the other side of the world! Go here for Google Maps.

If you need to know whether you were born on a Sunday or a Monday (or any of the other 7 days of the week) you will be able to get the answer from here. Or any other date at all for that matter (and not necessarily the day when you were born!)