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Weather Outlook for Xian
Qin Shi Huang Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum

  Visiting Xian (pronounced as Sea An)  

Click on photo to have a better view of the terra cotta warriors.
First a word on the name of this Chinese city which is famous all over the world because of its Terra Cotta warriors and which served as China's capital for 13 dynasties. It is variously spelt as Xian, XiAn, Xi An or Xi'an but whatever the spelling the first syllable is pronounced "sea" so pronounce the city as "Sea An" (see-aunt without the final -t sound) if you expect any Chinese to understand you.
The following photos show the main places of interest to visitors to Xian. The Terra Cotta Army Museum, which is where the terra cotta warriors (bing1 ma3 yong3 in Chinese) are, is of course the highlight of a visit to Xian. The warriors, as well as the horses, although in existence since the days of Shi Huang Di, the first Emperor of China, were only found accidentally on March 29, 1974 by farmers drilling a well hole. The photo to the right gives an overall view of Pit No. 1, the biggest and most important of the three pits at the museum.

These life-size warriors stand in stately majesty to serve Emperor Shi Huang Di even after his death.

The entrance to the Warriors Museum in Shaanxi Province, of which Xian is the capital.

The Banpo Museum is one of the top attractions in Xian. You can find reconstructions of a neolithic village there.

These statues adorn the grounds of the Banpo Neolithic Museum, which is the second most-visited site in Xian after the Terracotta Army Museum.

The Drum Tower (Gulou) all lighted up at night in a highly animated area.

Not too far from it is the night market at the Beiyuanmen Islamic Street (Huiminjie) which is open till 4 a.m.

The Big Wild Goose Pagoda (Da4yan4ta2) is popular with both the tourists and the local population, especially in the evening.

If you should visit the Big Wild Goose Pagoda try to time your visit with the free fountain show held there every evening.

Click for more photos of Xian.
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